Tips by Charlie Wray

Dipsy Diver and Modification for Spooky Fish
By Charlie Wray

The Luhr-Jensen Dipsy Diver has long been used as a diver and attractor infront of lures. What the Dipsy Diver is, is a diving side tracking devise, designed to take baits down, and away from the boat Targeting those fish spooked by the boat. The Dipsy can be adjusted to run either Port or Starboard sides, and at various degrees of side tracking away from the boat.

Once a fish has hit the lure, an adjustable trip mechanism is released, allowing the angler to fight the fish without the added resistence of the diving Dipsy. Your lure is attached behind, by way of either a 5 to 8 foot length of monofilament. I would highly recommend a leader of Seaguar Fluorocarbon, as this is tough and totally invisible in the water and can not be seen by the fish. Without modifications, longer leader lengths are difficult, as you can only reel as far as the Dipsy.

With our waters becoming clearer by the year, and boat traffic making these fish more shy, a trick that has worked great for me, has been to modify the Dipsy Diver so it can be used at any distance infront of the lure. Some days the Dipsy is a great attractor, other days, it is too much infront of the lure and can spook the fish. On these days, the modified is the way to go.

To modify, I replace the back barrel swivel, with a snap swivel. MUSTAD makes extremely strong, small swivels that are perfect for this. This allows me to snap on or off the line at any time, and with the adjustable trip mechanism on the front, I tighten the screw so it will not release, cut off the barrel swivel at the front, and replace with a small planner release clip.

Now, I can give the lure any length of lead I want, and hits will either pop the Dipsy from the line, allowing it to slide down the line to the lure, or you will have to reel the Dipsy up to the rod tip, and manually release the Dipsy allowing it to slide down the line before you can continue to reel.

To avoid having the Dipsy slide all the way to the lure and run the risk of knocking off your fish, I always run a 5 or 6 foot lead of Seaguar Fluorocarbon from a small Spro swivel, and with the small snap swivel attached to the back end of the Dipsy, this stops at the inline swivel, keeping it at least 5 or 6 feet away from your hooked fish.