Episode 339: Sturgeon Fun on the Fraser River

Today the Mercury Marine Destination takes us to the Fraser river near Chilliwack in beautiful British Columbia.

Charlie and Terri join up with long time friend Len Ames from Len’s Sportfishing Adventures, as the two enjoy the hard-pulling Sturgeon.  These fish are true sportfish and tireless fighters.  Hooks need to be small but incredibly strong, and quality reels with smooth powerful drags are an absolute must.  With miles of potential hiding spots, new breakthroughs in fish finding technology can pay off big.  It’s an obvious advantage when you are soaking baits where fish are.

Species -  White Sturgeon

Tackle -   Humminbird Helix fish finders with MEGA Side Imaging, Daiwa Saltiga 50 size and Daiwa Saltiga 60 size reels, Daiwa 7 ½ heavy action Proteus rods, The Rod Glove rod protectors, 130 lb test Seaguar Threadlock High Impact braided lines, Mustad Ultra Point Big Gun Hooks, Mustad ball bearing swivels with welded ring and snap. Coast RX Polarized sunglasses with 100% UV – A, B and C protection.

Technique -  Why fish dead waters. The Humminbird Helix fish finder with MEGA Side Imaging is used to find a concentration of Sturgeon before anchoring. Once anchored up current of the Sturgeon, 16 – 24 oz oz weights are used to fish the bottom in front of the fish and let the scent of the bait move them to the baits.

Special Thanks :   Len’s Sportfishing Adventures   www.lenssportfishing.com

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