Mustad Since 1877

Early in my fishing, it didn’t take long to recognize that many manufacturers used cheaper and inferior hooks on many lures. Simple enough, I understood it was a cost issue, but it also was obvious that if I wanted quality ...
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My New Ram

Every season I have remarked about my impressions after I pick up a new RAM. Well, this time I wanted to wait and see how it performed after the “new factor” wore off. First, it still feels like a new ...
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The Power House Player in Spoons from Coast to Coast

Len Thompson and the Original Northern King Len Thompson has been proudly manufacturing premium Canadian-made lures since 1929. Originally designed for fishing techniques and fish species in the western parts of Canada; casting, trolling, and jigging for Pike, Walleye and ...
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About Charlie Wray

Charlie Wray has been host of the very popular TV show, Fishful Thinking, since 1990. Part of the success behind the show has been the very informative format. Perfect for both the novice and experienced angler, Fishful Thinking provides entertaining insight for all more