Irresistible Baits for Trolling


Conquer any fishing condition you may face while trolling with the Freedom Tackle Herring Cutbait.  The Herring is highly versatile and works great behind your cannonball, dipsy, or flasher to cover the entire water column with its tantalizing injured baitfish movement. Through-wire construction allows this hard bodied trolling lure to withstand the biting abuse of salmon, trout, or walleye. Always tuned to perfection ready for the next strike at all trolling speeds. With match the hatch sizes and proven fish catching colors these UV coated lures will have the fish striking hard!

About Charlie Wray

Charlie Wray has been host of the very popular TV show, Fishful Thinking, since 1990. Part of the success behind the show has been the very informative format. Perfect for both the novice and experienced angler, Fishful Thinking provides entertaining insight for all more

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