The Freedom Top Water Bite

Blurring the line between multiple types of topwater baits, the Freedom Tackle Mischief Minnow Topwater is a cross between jerkbait, wake bait, buzzbait and plopper style bait all in one package. The custom designed blade positioned on the lures belly creates a surface commotion the fish can not resist. As the bait is twitched or waked across the surface, the oversized blade will clack and flash on the body causing noise and a rolling side to side action.  Try a steady retrieve, stop and go, or erratic retrieve to trigger strikes, there is no wrong way to fish this lure. There is no better bite than a topwater bite!

About Charlie Wray

Charlie Wray has been host of the very popular TV show, Fishful Thinking, since 1990. Part of the success behind the show has been the very informative format. Perfect for both the novice and experienced angler, Fishful Thinking provides entertaining insight for all more

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