Humminbird Side/Down Imaging

MEGA Imaging® takes fish finding into the megahertz range for more detail and domination. Pioneered by Humminbird®, the clarity of MEGA Imaging can help you easily distinguish fish from structure, see the direction fish are facing and even target individual species.

Select MEGA Side Imaging® for an incredible view to both sides of your boat. Delivering up to 3X the output of standard Side Imaging®, MEGA Side Imaging technology took fish finding into the megahertz frequency for the very first time. And with MEGA Side Imaging+™, there’s absolutely no place left to hide, thanks to extended range out to 200 feet on either side, plus 20% more detail than MEGA Side Imaging

Count on MEGA Down Imaging® for a crystal-clear picture below your boat. With up to 3X the output of standard Down Imaging®, MEGA Down Imaging shows you what lies beneath in crystal-clear detail. And with MEGA Down Imaging+™, fish don’t stand a chance, thanks to extended depth down to 200 feet, plus 20% more clarity than MEGA Down Imaging.

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