Episode #373 Light’Em Up Pike

Today the Mercury Marine Destination takes us up to Cree Lake in Northern Saskatchewan.    

Cree Lake is Charlie’s home away from home in the Spring for Pike and for good reason, the Pike fishing is fantastic! Today starts cool and windy, but with any Pike area in the early season,  when the afternoon sun warms up the shallows the day can change fast!   Quality tackle is a must for big fish, and attention to even the slightest detail can make or break the day.  Charlie joins up with co-owner of Cree Lake lodge Brandon Schreiber for a magical day, and when the magic starts, sometimes it just keeps getting better!! Bring on the sun and light’em up, This week on….Fishful Thinking.  

Species:  Northern Pike


Revo Sunglasses with 100% protection from UV A, B and C   

Freedom Hydra Jigheads with swing hook action 

40 lb test Seaguar Smackdown 8 - strand braided lines 

Daiwa Tatula 300 baitcasting reel with the T-wing aperture 

Viking cut resistant NBR palm coated gloves 

Nailer swimbaits by Set The Hook  

Daiwa Rebellion 2-piece rods with High Volume Graphite Fiber  

130 lb test Seaguar Abrazx Muskie and Pike Leader  

Viking 100% waterproof Jackets, pants and bibs  

Mercury 60 horsepower 4-stoke outboard motor 

Technique:  The Freedom Jig heads offer incredible flexibility. With an interchangeable hook design, not only can you modify by changing the hooks for whatever presentation you see fit.  The same twist lock design that lets you change hooks, gives the hook freedom to swing, as well as a more lifelike and lively action to your plastic addition that follows. The Set The Hook - Nailer swimbait has a wonderful action, and with the help from the throbbing paddle tail, the Freedom jigheads create a natural rolling swimming action of their own, and the two combine to create a lifelike swimming action that is hard for the Pike to resist. 

Spring is the time the Pike are shallow and many times, sight fishing can pay off with the largest giants of the season. Never underestimate proper eyewear, it is part of your essential equipment that can help you see and catch more fish.  Revo sunglasses are the best Charlie has found yet, not only do they cut glare and let you see further and deeper in the water, they offer complete eye protection from the damaging rays of UV A, B, and C. 

With fish shallow, and Revo glasses showing the shadows of giants ahead, long casts are crucial.  Casting heavy lures into shallow water is a sure way of spooking every fish you see.  The lighter the splash and the longer the cast the better, but not all reels can cast light lures long distances.  Daiwa Tatula and Daiwa Zillion baitcasting reels have a T-Wing system that makes casting all lures easier and further.  In free spool, the T-Wing aperture drops down, allowing a large area for the line to flow from. When the reel is engaged, the T-Wing goes back up and the line slides into a sleek groove that is now your level wind that smoothly lays your line across the spool. This not only helps increase casting distances, but also helps to eliminate all those nasty birds nests that folks associate with baitcasting reels. 


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