The Power House Player in Spoons from Coast to Coast

Len Thompson and the Original Northern King

Len Thompson has been proudly manufacturing premium Canadian-made lures since 1929. Originally designed for fishing techniques and fish species in the western parts of Canada; casting, trolling, and jigging for Pike, Walleye and Trout. These durable, extremely tough spoons, designed with a superb wobble action that drives the bite, also targets a massive species range including Muskie, Salmon and Bass. Fast becoming a popular choice from coast to coast.

With the acquisition of Northern King lures in 2016, this family owned and operated company has become that much bigger. As Northern King spoons are designed for Great Lakes species and trolling techniques; the original Northern King spoons have been a long time favourite.

Len Thompson has a line up of different designs for different applications. They have the added ability to do custom paint designs, since they do not out source design, processing or painting. A great benefit to anglers that favour a pattern or colour combo for the big bite!

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